Weekly News Round-Up: Big News at Google, Facebook Messenger Merges with Instagram DM, and more

Another digital week has passed, and we picked up the spiciest news pieces for our weekly news round-up. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy last week’s highlights in digital marketing and social media.

We also found an interesting infographic on “What Happens on the Internet Every Minute”. Make sure to scroll down to the end of the article to view it.

Google launches ‘people cards’ in Google Search

Google has launched public search profile cards for its search engine. Dubbed ‘people cards”, this feature will allow users to create their own profiles, which will show up in search results. The feature is similar to how businesses or celebrities already appear in searches.

For now, the feature is being tested and rolled out only in India. Google is yet to announce when they will launch this update for other regions.

You can read more about this development over at The Verge.

Google suffers massive indexing glitch

Last week, Google’s search algorithm suffered an indexing glitch that negatively impacted search results. Initially, many users thought it was an update.

Shortly after the incident, Google acknowledged the glitch and stated it is not an update, but an issue with their indexing systems. The inconvenience was fixed and Google issued a statement on the matter.

You can read more about it here.

Facebook Messenger to merge with Instagram Direct Message

Facebook is integrating the chat systems for Instagram and Facebook Messenger. When the new update rolls out, users will be able to cross-message between the two apps. Some new features for Instagram DM will include new UI, additional emojis and more.

The DM icon will also reportedly change to the Facebook Messenger logo. 

Read more about this story at The Verge.

LinkedIn Sells SlideShare to Scribd

LinkedIn is selling SlideShare to Scribd. SlideShare is a hosting service and digital library. The platform hosts a plethora of files such as books, audiobooks, and other professional documents.

Scribd also specializes in hosting documents uploaded by users, including guides, business templates, books, self-published stories, and much more. Scribd will take over Slideshare’s operations on September 24th.

For more details, head over to Search Engine Journal.

Twitter is limiting replies to tweets

The social media platform is giving more control to its users when it comes to conversations. Twitter is now letting people choose who can reply to their Tweets. 

Users can activate this feature right before a Tweet. This feature aims to filter certain people, including internet trolls, out of replies. The update rolled out last week is available to all Twitter users.

Read more about the update here.

What Happens on the Internet Every Minute?

This is the burning question of 2020. Well, not quite, but we do have the answer to this question. Check out the infographic, courtesy of Domo, here.

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